Kendall dichotomous key

A. Serrated leaf margins….. Plant 2

A. Entire leaf margins

B. Coniferous…… Plant 1

B. Non-Coniferous

C. Purple petals present…. Plant 3

C. No purple petals present….. Plant 4


  1. Thanks Kendall,
    no worries, it is a bit more challenging to actually have the keys indented on a post in wordpress. Mostly you would need to do this in another program, word, or else, and submit an image or link the file to your post. But that is o.k. Please review whether or not the leaf margin in plant 2 is actually serrated. I think it is entire, and rolled in and has forked trichomes on the leaf surface as you can see in the lower right image when you click on the plate to zoom in. Nice job!

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