Dichotomous Key Assignment


  1. Jasmine Chavez

    I really liked this key! It was super simple, and still helped to group the plants, and then again to single out each plant. I believe my key was very similar. I’m not really sure how you could have improved, maybe been a little more specific by subset C. saying “plants without white petals”? but even that I don’t think is really necessary. Good job!

  2. AJ Madsen

    This key was super simple and straightforward, which I liked. The only thing I could see that could be changed or improved is the second part. You have one option that is broad in saying “plants without petals” and then the other option states specifically “plants with white petals”. Instead of the plants with white petals, I would simply put “plants with petals”. If you wanted to include the colors of the petals you could also create another subset off of “plants with petals”

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