Plant Bingo- Treena Ivie

This was a fun way to learn the different terms. I am sure my family got a kick out of me muttering “oh boy this one isn’t the right example.” Then running back outside to find the right one. I ended up using my laptop screen as the bingo card, as my printer was not wanting to connect.

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  1. Excellent! Thanks for persisting, I think that is a good way to learn the structures. You can always make up your own card and use the terms that fit your flowers, that works too. I am not sure if the last one is a flower of stork’s bill Geranium erianthum? Porate anther dehiscence is hard to come by. It is common in the heath family, the Ericaceae. See some examples of poricidal anther dehiscence from a publication by Paula M. Hermann and Barbara F. Palser. Stamen development in the Ericaceae. I. Anther wall, microsporogenesis, inversion, and appendages.
    Little salt shakers…

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