Plant Bingo

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  1. Nice job on your Bingo card Trim. Really nice photography, and great use of the terminology. I like that you added some of the placentation types, you watched some of the videos :). I would characterize the Parnassia flower as a radially symmetrical flower, it can be cut in more than one plane to get equal halves. A bilaterally symmetrical flower can only be cut along one plane to get equal planes, like most orchids, and the pea flower that you used in your bingo card. Bilateral is another term for zygomorphic. You are showing a fireweed for composite flower, I think you mean inflorescence. It is composed of multiple flowers, so you could call it composite. Composite flowers are those in the sunflower family Compositae, Asters, etc. they are composed of different types of flowers, ray flowers, disk flowers, etc. all included in the typical head of flowers in the sunflower family. Nice job!

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