Plant Dissections!

Astrantia major L. “masterwort”

Pilosella aurantiaca “Orange hawkweed”

Malus fusca “Crabapple”

Delphinium glaucum S. Watson “Sierra Larkspur”

Thanks for a great class full of all new, useful information!! -KK

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  1. Thanks for a nice job on these dissections! Nice photography and use of botanical terminology. A few more details on the flowers itself in the Astrantia could really show off your knowledge of the key characteristics of the carrot family. The “flower” is an inflorescence and the central part of the inflorescence is where the tiny individual flowers. Those are as you mentioned have 5 petals and 5 tiny sepals, and the ovary is composed of two carpels as the style is bifurcate. Cool plant. The pedicels for each flower are also impressive. So umbel is the term for this inflorescence, typical of the Apiaceae (Carrot family). I added a few pointers to your images and made a collage. Well done!

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