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Hey everyone,

I’m located in Bozeman, MT and have been recently continuing my journey with the UAF Ethnobotany Certificate program; I think after this class there is one more class for me to do in the Fall semester. Other than that I’m not sure how or why else I would pursue a higher education as of yet. In regards to jobs it’s been quite varied and am trying to figure out how to keep that criteria entertaining and relevant to me but I’ve mostly worked as a Carpenter up to this point. Jobs for me has been tricky because I seem to better fit in a mold that’s entrepreneurial by nature but perhaps there are jobs I haven’t found yet that would keep me on my toes. Nevertheless, I hold on to subjects I enjoy such as the broad category of Traditional Skills which encompasses the deep plant studies I like to venture into such as Ethnobotany. I’ve mostly done some light foraging but hope to get more into it along with mushroom hunting.

Favorite plants would be a tough one to identify but I’ll mention plants that come to mind and are in my local area such as chokecherry, serviceberry, mount mahogany, silver sage and etc…

Included below is my last picture of a plant that I didn’t know of and doing the quick path of getting more information (using I-Naturalist), it appears to be tatarian honeysuckle.

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  1. Welcome James,
    Glad you are able to join this class, and I hope beyond learning some new terms for classifying plants, you will also be able to speak to colleagues about what new plant you observed in your immediate surrounding or finding that many of the plants in Bozeman are really very similar to those in Alaska. I am looking forward to your observations from Montana. Trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) is one of those examples of a species common to Alaska as well as Montana.

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