Hello! I’m a general education teacher over at Barnette Magnet. My husband and I made the journey from southeastern Georgia about 15 years ago now. Since, we’ve grown our family by 2 girls and multiple animals. Up to this point my botanical journey has been more of an observer of all the beauty. I really do try to learn and do better about growing various things, but my black thumb seems to keep me from becoming proficient. I’ve taken a class to learn more about the plants we’re surrounded by but, like when speaking a different language, I fell out of practice and haven’t regained the confidence I once had.

Do you enjoy foraging, gardening, hunting? I do enjoy gardening, but my black thumb keeps me from being really successful, so that’s kind of a bummer.

What is/are your favorite plant (s)? I LOVE poppies and lilies. When I went to Europe I spent so much time finding and photographing poppies (One included in this post). I was so excited when I found out that poppies also grow up here!

I look forward to all that I’m going to learn while taking this class.


  1. Welcome Nicole,
    nice picture of a poppy growing next to a Roman or Grecian ruin?, is this from Italy or Greece? Yes, I think you will find certain aspect of the class comforting and hopefully you will be able to apply some of the new learned vocabulary with your students. Alaska is really forgiving with growing plants. I find growing vegetables in the cabbage family is just so easy here, not too much in form of pests and the long daylight really makes them grow well. Potatoes do really well here too. So give it a try. Indoor plants are a bit more tricky because of the long dark winters, but a growing lamp might help. Also these new hydroponic growing gardens are really cool for herbs in the winter, some of these come with a growing light build in, or the organic mason jar grow kits on ETSY look interesting. You could probably build something yourself rather cheaply.

    1. Nicole McGee


      Yes, I took the picture while we were at the Parthenon. I tried labeling it “Poppies at the Parthenon” but it didn’t seem to save it like that. I haven’t done cabbages, just because I have friends that do them and they usually end up giving us 3 HUGE heads. I’ve been contemplating the indoor hydroponic gardens, they’re just so pricey I want to make sure I get a good one.

      Thank you for the information, I look forward to trying to implement it.

  2. Blake Spears

    Welcome Nicole, I second Steffi’s comment, my outdoor plants just explode from spring to summer with little to no help from myself. The occasional rain storms, (and the humidity) really come in handy when I forget to water.

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