Hello all, my name is Natassja Saharoffa. I have always loved being outside encompassed by nature. I find the most peace within it. I had taken an ethnobotany course when I was attending school at The University of Hawai’i at Manoa and I fell in love with the study of plants. Learning all of their usages and names and simply looking at the beautiful plants and herbs. I do not know much about ethnobotany, having only taken one course back in 2016, but I am excited to learn more.

I will be using my smartphone to take photographs and hand making a press for the lab portion of the course. Additionally, I have ordered the magnifying glasses that you shared with us in one of the videos but that has not come in just yet. I have knives that will work perfectly for cutting anything open.

This week, I saw peonies. My favourite plants to look at are trees and whilst I’m unaware of which tree it is in the photograph, there are peonies growing from it.

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