1. Avatar photo Andrea Vance

    Hi Donna,
    It looks like you did what I originally did and I had to correct mine. So what you want to do is compare them against one another with similarities and differences, not doing all 4 plants individually. You could start with one that has a cone, and 3 do not…. so you’d first want to separate them out in that way, then the flowers and leaves are different, and the petal colors are different, so you’d then continue to separate them accordingly.

    You have done a really great job on individual characteristics with great details!

    Much like the lego video, put the plants in “piles” and divide them into subgroups. Best of luck!

    1. Avatar photo Donna Levesque

      Thanks for the tips, Andrea. I had already revised my key before getting your comments (so you can check out the much simpler version), and realized how I’d overthought the assignment! I will look for your revision to see what you’ve come up with as well.

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