Dichotomous Key-April Dunlevy

A. Coniferous-plant 1
A1. Deciduous-B

B. Alternate Leaf Arrangement-plant 2
B1. Whorled Leaf Arrangement-C

C. Linear Leaf Shape-plant 3
C1. Oblong Leaf Shape-plant 4

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  1. James Simpson

    Hey there April,

    Nice simplistic approach. Seems like you got the job done. I probably would have focused more on the showy identification traits of the plant such as the petals and their colors as opposed to starting with the leaves; I’d do the leaves in the next sequence after flower details since flowers tend to be quite supreme to getting attention but also serves greatly in the identification process when first stumbling onto a plant.

    Not sure if it matters but I personally also approached the key as if there may be hypothetical extra plants as if someone happens to use the key while hiking so I honed in on more specific characteristics on each of our four plants.

    Thanks for sharing!

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