Dichotomous Key

Violets 1 and 2
A. Has colored flower

A’. Flower is colorless and considered neutral
B. Flower has light purple tint with deep purple central ascendant veins

B’. Flower is plain white with deep purple central ascendant veins

C. Cordately shaped leaves

C’. Reniform shaped leaves

D. Entire margin
D’. Serrated margin

E. Arcuate venation E’. Palmate venation

F. Rounded acute leaf tip

F’. Obcordate leaf tip

Spruce; 3 and 4
A. Stem lacks fair or follicle-like structures

A’. Stem possesses hair and/or fuzziness shadows

B. Needles curve and are dark green
B’. Needles jut out straightly and are a vibrant green

C. Needles are 2mm thick
C’. Needles appear at least a millimeter thicker

D. Tree is tall but widens toward the base
D’. Tree is tall but entirely narrow and proportional

E. Hardened pinecone with spaced chips that generate

E’. Smoothened pinecones with no gaps in between chips

My attempt at charting one of these!