Ama’s Dichotomous Key

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  1. Blake Spears

    Good evening Ama,
    My first thought would be that the ‘B’ segment might not need to be diversified into two qualifiers given that with the images provided you can eliminate plant one with the first descriptor of ‘needles vs no needles’. Going further would be necessary if there was another plant of the four that had needles but no cones, but we only have one plant. But those same details actually work in your favor for describing the other plants along the dichotomous key, but the first one definitely can be left out. I would also add that the final two E and F are not choices between 2 items to eliminate something, they are just descriptors of the plants, so they aren’t necessary – you reached the final plant by getting to E, F is redundant. Overall, I think the choices you picked made it easy to distinguish which plants are being looked at and being described.

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