Plant Voucher Specimens

I think I am in love with pressing plants! I worked with: 1) Golden columbine Aquilegia chrysantha (Ranunculaceae) A. Gray, 2) Ladyʼs Mantle Alchemilla mollis (Rosaceae) Buser Rothm, 3) Woolly Geranium Geranium erianthum (Geraniaceae) D.C. These need a bit more time in the press and so I did not mount them. Also, ITIS seems to have been down the past few days and so I did the best I could with trying to find alternate sites but wanted to wait until ITIS is back before making the final label.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to look up the authors for the plant names. These are gorgeous examples on how these plants can remain beautiful even after being pressed. All little pieces of art! You might want to consider framing some of these. Well done! So glad you found joy in this exercise.

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