Dichotomous Key (module 3)

For Plant 1: (disclaimer, it won’t let me indent on here so indentations are made with …. . It also will not accept my prime numbers when I finally post it so I’m putting *1, *2, etc.).

A. Appears to be a tree plant

……B. Needles growing in whirl clusters on small woody stems

……B*(1). Red pines (reddish brown)

……B*(2). Needles longer in length, roughly an inch or more.

……B*(3). Needles green in colour.

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  1. Liz Tomsha

    I suspect this key is referring to a pine tree native to Alaska. The overall description of the conifer is there but I believe there is missing information. Could have expanded the dichotomous key to include trees around Alaska, such as trees with needles and trees with leaves. This could be further broken down to types of bark, length of needles or leaves, height and color. You did a great attempt in my book though!

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