Plant Bingo

I am still not fully confident on adnation and connation, but I think I was able to find just about everything else. Diadelphous and Porate Anther Dehiscence did prove to be a bit difficult (or maybe I am just not confident enough to spot them in the wild) I also changed slique to syncarpous because I was very excited to have grabbed that off my little bundle of irises hanging outside my window.

I included bigger images since they are kind of hard to see on the bingo card.

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  1. Gorgeous photography Blake and these are spot on. So connation merely means that the same parts are fused, so if the petals are fuse to create a tube, that would be connation. If we have the stamens fused to the corolla that would be adnation. You can use the connation image of the section of what I think is an Iris fruit, for axile placentation. In axile placentation the ovules (which will mature into the seeds), are found attached to the center of each of the locules (the empty space within each carpel). The carpel margin extend all the way to the center, that is what separates axile placentation from parietal placentation, where the margins of the carpels do not extend into the center. See below. Well done. You could have use a different term for those where you could not find the plants depicting the terms.

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