Plant Bingo

I actually struggled a lot with this assignment so apologies if they are not correct. Especially diadelphous, adnation, and porate anther dehischence.


  1. Emily D

    Your photos are beautiful and they provide clear examples of these plant characteristics. I especially like how you circled the parts showing fusion of unlike parts in the adnation photo.

  2. Nice job on the Bingo card. You can always make your own card and use your own terms, those that you are more comfortable with. Some of the ones you mentioned: diadelphous – Fuchsia is a great example, and it has stamens occur in two groups. The silique is a fruit that is restricted to the Brassicaceae (the cabbage family), the image you are showing is of a lupine, the fruits look similar, but the pea flowers (legumes) are the result of fusion of a single carpel, while the Brassicaceae are the fusion of >2 carpels. See below for a comparison.

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