Bingo- Amanda Kemp

This was difficult but really fun!

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  1. Thanks Amanda,
    nice job on these. The palmate venation is one where the main veins originate from a single point. So for example in this maple leaf, it is a 5-lobed, so there are 5 major veins that initiate from the point of attachment at the peduncle. In pinnate venation you have a single primary vein and then secondary veins that come off the midvein (primary vein) but these do not come of from a single point rather at several points along the midvein. Your silique also looks like it is a legume from a plant in the Fabaceae (Leguminosae). Look over some of the other posts from your classmates, these are different from the fruits in the Brassicaceae that have siliques or silicles.

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