My Dichotomous Key

This one kept throwing me for a loop. Grouped this based on what was flowers and what was plants. My details were based on stamens, pubescence and whether or not these plants were flowering. Uhhhh. I hope I did this right. Both flowering plants had some sort of pubescence on them. Plant 1 I felt was an outlier because it had no identifiable stamens and its indehiscence from the pine cones.

A. Multiple stamens – Go to B

A1. Plants with no stamens – Go to D

B. Pubescent Plants – Plant 4 – Go to C

B1. Pubescent Stems and Petals – Plant 3

C. Flowering Plants

C1. Plant 2

C3. Plant 3

D. Glabrous Leaves – Plant 1 


  1. Patricia Brown

    Tricky part might have been separating “plants” vs “flowers” when all are plants. I think you were referring to “flowering plants” vs “non-flowering plants” which would have included the evergreen. But saying there were no stamens works, too. The path for B could be more clear. I am not sure what you meant by going to C for “pubescent plants.” If only one plant fits that category, that is terminal. You wouldn’t need to go anywhere else. B and B1 needed a clearer distinction. And plant 4 is a flowering plant also. This is great practice, isn’t it?

    1. Haijatai Hines

      It was. I’ll be playing around with this more because this was a bit overwhelming for me haha. Thank you for your feedback! It’s making me think.

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