Magnificent plant dissections

Exploring plants in such an upclose way was genuinely such an impactful experience! I felt filled with such awe and wonder about the beauty and intricacy of the natural world, literally looking at life up close. Time really flew by and I found myself feeling like there was not anything else I would rather be doing. I had felt like trying to memorize the botany was a bit tedious, but now I am keen to learn more. Not to sound too flowery (pun intended!), but I just wanted to convey what an awesome time I had. When something really sparks me like this I try and be mindful of it, to see how I might grow and expand it. I used Thinglink for my dissections, but am including a favorite photo of each plant just for the pleasure of it! Iʼm grateful for this class and the ethnobotany program.

Western Red Raspberry:

Nootka Lupine:

Common Yarrow:


  1. What a fantastic job Ali! I am so proud of your work in this class. Your presentation in ThinkLink is fabulous, and the use of botanical terminology is spot on. Thank you for taking the time to show off your knowledge and sharing with your classmates. I cannot decide which of these is my favorite, so I am going to post a synopsis of a few here. First up is the raspberry. Your photography is stunning! Wow…

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