Hongkai Chen‘s Introduction

Hello, I apologize for the tardiness of my introduction. My name is Hongkai Chen, although most people prefer to call me Kyle. I grow up in Singapore, a tropical country where the weather remains hot all year round.

To be honest, I had little interest in planetary climates or flora until I left my home country. Upon my arrival in Beijing during the winter season, I was immediately struck by the stark contrast between the tropical region and other climate zones. Accustomed to Singapore’s perpetual greenery, nurtured by the accumulated heat, I had naively assumed that the same verdant landscape prevailed everywhere else on the planet.

One of my favorite flowers is the Ixora, a species that is quite common in Singapore.

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  1. Welcome Kyle,
    these are gorgeous flowers. I am not familiar with Ixora, but I see it is in the Rubiaceae. We have a few Rubiaceae flowers in Alaska. Northern bedstraw Galium boreale L. is a common one. Do you see some similarity in the flowers?

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