Plant Bingo – Nilsson

Due to the pouring rain, I went to the municipal greenhouse. I was thinking about how it would be a fun field trip to take students on. It’s within walking distance and on public bus routes of several schools. I made two different levels: emerging reader and elementary.


  1. Kristen, this sounds like a cool activity for the students to do. I like your creative approach to this assignment. Try to weave in a few more botany terms, perhaps flower vs. fruit or root, or stem. Would the greenhouse let you pick flowers, or do the kids all have iPads or other notebooks?

  2. Patricia Brown

    I like this, too! It would be cool if some of us who have some K-12 classroom experience could share applications with Stefanie. Do you know about the “Dirt Made My Lunch” songs? It is the Banana Slug String Band from Santa Cruz, CA. I have even used some of those songs with middle school because it helps them remember things. One of my faves was “Roots, Stems, Leaves, Fruits, Flowers, and Seeds.”

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