Dichotomous Key

Hello everyone,

This is my attempt at a dichotomous key. I apologize for the delay as I was in the process of moving and my laptop was damaged. I’ve never heard of a dichotomous key before but this was quite the project!

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  1. Ho Giustino Lee-Biachler

    Hello, Kyra!
    Well done on the dichotomous key creation! It was fairly simple and simple to understand, in my opinion. The options given were reasonable and straightforward, which made it easier to identify the plants. The key was effective in differentiating between woody and herbaceous plants as well as further subdividing them according to cone and bloom characteristics.

    A idea for improvement would be to describe key aspects in more detail. For instance, providing additional information such as cone shape or flower colour could increase the specificity of the identification process instead of simply stating that a plant “produces cones” or “produces flowers.”

    Another thing to think about is adding more detail to the stem features. For instance, clarifying what “hairy stems” and “smooth stems” are or offering illustrations could clear up any ambiguity.

    Your key was efficient and organized overall. Its precision could be improved by adding detailed descriptions and explanations for some aspects. Keep up the wonderful work!”

    To assist your classmate in improving their work, make sure to provide constructive criticism and to adapt your response to the particular key.

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