Bingo- Emily Camp

Attached below is my attempt at the bingo! I ran around for hours looking for 3 of the bingo spaces from the provided bingo sheet and couldn’t find them, so I replaced them with some cool examples I found from our vocabulary. This was shockingly fun and helped me understand the definitions by seeing them in person/ seekin them out!

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  1. Great job on your Bingo card. These are good examples of the terms you used. Just be careful, the Asteraceae capitulum is actually an inflorescences, and as such, actinomorphic is not really applied to inflorescences rather only the flowers. There are two flowers in the head of the Asteraceae that are actinomorphic, these are the tubulous and the filiform flowers, these are generally found in the center of the head of flowers in the Asteraceae, the white flowers of your daisy are actually ray flowers and these are zygomorphic. See below for the different flowers in a head.

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