Dichotomous Key

Dichotomous Key

1A: Plant has needles …… Plant 1

Plant 1: A conifer with single linear alternating needles and grey bark.

1B: Plant does not have needles ….. go to 2

2A: Plant contains complete flowers…. Go to 3

2B: Plant does not contain complete flowers…. Plant 4

              Plant 4:  Plant has separate staminate and pistillate flowers.

3A: Plant has purple flower petals… plant 3

Plant 3: Has a short stem with many sepals. The flower contains 6 petals with many yellow stamens.

3B: Plant has white flower petals…. Plant 2

Plant 2: Has a long stem with white hair like substance. Flower contains 4 petals.

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  1. Rae Ames

    I was thinking of doing needles as well. This assignment caught me for a loop and wasn’t sure to start with needles or flowers but I love how you included both!

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