Plant Bingo

I’m a botanical beginner, so I made a simple bingo, which I took some time in the past in the mountains near my home

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  1. Mostly these images are spot on, but as most students, you also picked a legume fruit from the Fabaceae for the silique, they look visually similar, but the legume is derived from a single carpel, while the silique is a specialized fruit restricted to the Brassicaceae (cabbage or mustard family) and is derived from 2+ carpels. For the diadelphous stamens, your image of Amaryllis is not appropriate either. This plant is from the Liliaceae family and has 6 stamens, but these are distinct and not fused in a way a diadelphous stamen arrangement in the Fabaceae (subfamily Papillionoideae) with 9 fused and 1 distinct stamen is.

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