Delainey Zock Introduction

Hello! My name is Delainey Zock, and I’ll be going into my senior year as a Wildlife Biology major. I’m taking this class from Anchorgae, Alaska, where I’m spending the summer and soaking up all the mountain time I can! I’m looking forward to learning more about our unique Alaska plants in this class. My favorite plant is probably Arctic Lupine (Lupinus arcticus). I think the flowers are beautiful and I love that it’s an alpine plant.

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  1. Welcome Delainey,
    yes, one of my favorites too. I am working on finishing a water color painting of some arctic lupines, but still a bit more to go. I love the way they flower from the bottom of the tall raceme and turning color as they mature. You can pick up some of the legume pods and broadcast the seed in your yard, we were successful in growing some from seed in our yard in Fairbanks.

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