My name is Stacy Brottem. I live in Fairbanks with my husband. Our two daughters have left the nest so after work we enjoy camping, gardening, picking berries and watching movies together. I am excited to take this class and learn more about the plants I enjoy looking at. I don’t forage for wild plants other than berries because I’m not sure what to harvest or when. I once ate fiddleheads, and I was so sick!! We use the berries that we pick to make jams and wines. I hope we have a wonderful four weeks!!

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  1. Welcome Stacy,
    what a wonderful image you standing among the blueberries. They are so plentiful and tasty in Alaska. I am always amazed by the flavor of the wild berries as compared to the ones you can buy at the grocery store. Such a difference, and it makes it so worthwhile to pick your own. I often freeze them and use them over pancakes or in smoothies. When we go berry picking our dog has a developed a special appetite for them as well. Have a look while they are still in flower and check out if you can see some of the stamens and other features inside the flower. Attached a dissection I made last year.

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