Scott Hall

I’m a senior at UAF (and a senior in real life), and when I saw this class listed, I thought, “This could be fun!” Reading the syllabus, I saw that taking photos would be a part of the process. I just so happen to be taking a digital photography class this summer as well, which means I can get the most out of my camera and myself (getting outside more this summer is a goal…work keeps me indoors, and there are lots of work so I’m working on a balance). What I find common among many of us who recreate in the outdoors (hunt, hike, fish) is we wish we knew more about the area’s flora; I aim to remedy that in a small way (personally) with this class. This is my new favorite plant, Blunt Leaf Sandwort. It is my favorite because it is something I’ve seen, never paid any attention to, and have a reason to know what it is—discovered here on my property in Palmer, AK.

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  1. Welcome Scott,
    yes, finding balance is always something I strive for as well. I can get really recharged from a walk in the woods, looking for flowers or identifying trees. There is always something new to discover and photographing them is a whole lot of fun. Add the fun of dissecting the flowers and looking closely at the any plant parts under the microscope or a zoom lens will open up a whole other dimension of fun. Here is a close-up look of the ciliate trichomes along the leaf margin of Moehringia.

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