Hello…I’m Amber Hannum

I have lived in Fairbanks, Alaska since 2006. I am taking this course because I am interested in the plants that grow locally. This will be my second year growing a vegetable garden. I also harvest local plants to create art and to use in recipes. I have used local blueberries, raspberries, rose petals, and fireweed flowers to make jams and jellies. I made a rhubarb jam yesterday. I like to drink tea and have found a recipe to process fireweed leaves into tea that I haven’t attempted yet.

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  1. Welcome Amber!
    What a gorgeous image of fireweed. Love the deep colors! Good luck using your macrolens with your phone. Yes, the rhubarb is growing really vigorously this year, not sure why, but it seems to be growing much larger this year than other years. I love rhubarb in strudel. I always have some dough ready to go and add any filling from the garden or the tundra, tastes great with lingonberries and apples too.

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