Hi, my name is Marina and I am an international student from Brazil.

I have been in Alaska for three years now and I am pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. The focus in my program is the application of photography across disciplines. I also work at UAF’s department of University Relations as a student photographer, where I have learned so much and believe I have one of the most fun jobs on campus.

Aside from biology classes taken in high school, my botanical knowledge is very limited. I am currently working alongside some UAF students and faculty on a project involving the Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest site. Because of my involvement in the project, and also my curiosity to learn more about the Alaska flora, I decided to take this class.

I am interested in foraging, but don’t have enough knowledge to feel comfortable doing that as of now. I learned a bit about mushrooms last fall, but still feel a bit overwhelmed by their similarities. I do enjoy gardening when time permits as well.
As far as hunting, I just started harvesting animals this winter. I have gotten several ptarmigan and a sooty grouse, but my latest achievement was an enormous black bear I got a couple weeks ago. I strive to sustainably be self-sufficient as much as I am able.

I don’t necessarily have a favorite plant, but, for the picture, I chose the Johnny jump-ups because they always make me smile. I love them because they remind me of the original Alice in Wonderland movie.

I am very excited to take this class and learn as much as I can about the nature that surrounds us here in Fairbanks, Alaska, and other places.

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  1. Welcome Marina,
    sounds like you will get a lot of opportunities to use photography in this class, what a great fit. Wow hunting black bears… that is for sure not something I have been involved in. I hope this class will be fun for you and I would love to hear when you see something in the flora that reminds you of your native Brazil. Somehow I have always associated Jacaranda with Brazil, the Jacaranda braziliana is a nice example of this genus. Photo by Mauro Halpern
    – jacaranda boca-de-sapo – Jacaranda brasiliana Pers. (Bignoniaceae).

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