Pressed Plants

Here are my pressed plants. I used a plant press kit from Walmart and allowed them to be pressed for 3 days.

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  1. Kathleen Eagle

    These are beautiful. I can’t believe Walmart has a plant press… I’m in Homer and don’t have many stores. I have an old press but was going to maybe find a newer one. I’m interested in the fact that so many people have pressed Yarrow. Where are you? Our fireweed has not flowered yet. Last year they barely flowered and had weird seemingly deformed flowers. They never got very tall… we barely got above 50F. This year is better and it seems the fireweed is almost 3 ft…whereas in sunny meadows it will get to 6 ft or more. I really hope we have that. We’re mostly in the 50s with some 60F plus days so far….

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