Dichotomous Key

A) Tree or shrub with needle-like leaves. Flowers in cones.  #1

    A*) Tree, shrub or herb with leaves of diverse form. Flowers with perianth, ovules enclosed in ovary.   B

    B) Flowers without petals. #4

    B*) Flowers with petals.  C

    C) Stem terminating in a single purple flower with 6 petals. #3

    C*) Stem terminating in a cluster of white flowers with 4 petals each. #2

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    1. Heather Bogardus

      I like that you included terminology similar to the Hulten Key. I tried to do that as well when creating my own. Your dichotomous key allowed me to work through the 4 samples very easily. I also like that you did not include color as a primary or single identifier as some plants can vary in color and can prevent us from identifying correctly. I’m curious about including more than one identifier in a step if we were dealing with a single plant in the field and were trying to make a specific identification. This was something I struggled with when creating my own. I found the assignment challenging because I kept thinking about actually including enough steps/branches to identify a plants genus and species (as we would do in the field), but I did think we could differentiate the 4 plants quite quickly into main groups as they had such different features.

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