Introduction (a bit late)

My name is Gavyn and I’m Fairbanks born and raised. I really love the plants that I live with and am excited to take this opportunity to know them closer. My family has a cabin out on Tenderfoot Hill, and I have run amok out there my whole life. Out there we have lots of good birch, aspen, and spruce (White or black depending on what part of the hill you’re on). We have low bush cranberries (lingonberry is apparently what they’re called, but I stick with the term I grew up with), high bush cranberries, and raspberries growing on the property that I know are edible. We have some orange berries that I need to look up. My mom always told me they made you sick so I never ate them. Oh! And my mom planted wild strawberries, we have yet to have fruiting plants, but the runners are all over the place. But my favorite plant is actually YARROW! I love the pretty flowers and its use as a trail medicine. In Fairbanks, yarrow comes in white mostly, but it can also come in pinks and yellows! It helps blood clot on a wound in you make a pulp with it and set it on the wound. I think I am going to use it to make a toner for my skin before they all are past their prime for the season. So now I will need to look into that. I am looking forward to the whirlwind of fun I’m going on this week.

Western Yarrow (Achillea lanulosa)” by Mary Vaux Walcott, born Philadelphia, PA 1860-died St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada 1940/ CC0 1.0