Dichotomous Key Exercise, Module 2

A. With cones- plant 1

A’. Without cones- see B

         B. flowers with white petals- plant 2

         B’. flowers without white petals- see C.

              C. flowers with violet hues petals- plant 3

              C’. flowers without violet hued petals- plant 4


  1. Rebecca Catlin

    Hi Juanita! Glad we can cross paths again in ethnobotany – I hope you’ve enjoyed this class as much as I have. I love the simplicity of your key, and the three-tier staggering of choices. I struggled quite a bit with describing plant 4, and you got there by elimination. It was mentioned to me that plant 2 is actually white sepals, not petals, but I did the same thing. Overall, great work! I found your key very easy to use and identify each plant from the prompt.

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