Peer Dichotomous Key

I used Nivedita Menon’s dichotomous key, but wasn’t able to leave a comment, so reposting here:

Plant 1 – Needles, A

Plant 2 – With multiple flowers on one stem, C

Plant 3 – With a single flower on one stem, B

Plant 4 – With no petals, C’

I’m really struggling with the dichotomous key, but I think C is the only area that might benefit from more specification around color for petals. As C’s options are with white petals and with no petals, but there are technically three flowers I think in three different colors. So plant 2 has flowers with white petals, plant 3 has flowers with purple petals and plant 4 is a flower with no petals. My brain feels tangled every time I look at dichotomous keys, but petal colors is the only place I can see where more specifics might be further described.