Plant B-I-N-G-O

For terms, I decided to use: needle, connation, actinomorphic, syngenesious, legume, inferior ovary, septicidal capsule, axile placentation, and porate anther dehiscence. Attached is the word document for my plant bingo submission. Any (?) indicates a bit of uncertainty.

Screenshots of the word document:

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  1. Wow, these are fabulous! Cutting up plants is the most exciting part of my job, and it looks like you are taking a liking to that aspect too. The close-up views really show the features well, and I like that you added the overall picture of the flowers and then some example of the dissected flowers. I think the rock harlequin (Corydalis, Fumariaceae) is an example of a capsule. The legume is characterized by a single carpel and dehiscence along two sutures. The fruit of the rock harlequin has two carpels, but it dehisces via two valves and thus might appear similar to the legume, but again two carpels make the difference between the legume and the capsule here. The alder (Alnus) infructescence shows a lot of fusion and each of the individual bicarpellate fruits fuse with each other to create the woody infructescence. Great job for looking closely!

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