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Cornus Canadensis (Canadian Bunchberry) Family: Cornaceae Habitat: Leaves:   Overview (6 whorled leaves): Flowers: Petals: Center of flower (within are individual flowers with pedicels, pistils, and stamens): Pistils: Stamens from a single pistil:    

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Pyrola Asarifolia (Bog Wintergreen) Habitat: Inflorescence/flowers (as you can see there are not a lot of leaves except for the small attachment at the base of the pedicel) : Petals (note adnation of stamens fused with petals) : Sepals: Stamens: Carpel: Pistil: Ovary:  

Plant Bingo

This was a fun lab to do. Sorry if some of the photos are a bit pixelated, I had trouble getting the camera to focus at times. But other than that, I loved getting up close to the flowers and plants to see the uniqueness of each one. PLANT BINGO

Pressed Plants

This was my first time pressing plants. It was a neat experience collecting these and then pressing them to store for future reference. I like the idea of having a physical piece of them instead of just taking a photo. I realize I could have grabbed more of the plant …


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