Plant Voucher Specimens: bladder-campion, devilsclub, cowparsnip, yellow avens

Hello Everyone, I really enjoyed collecting and pressing “plant voucher specimens” for this class. This is my first attempt at pressing ever, and I did have some complications during my first run. For the press I used 2 boards of plywood and 2 tow straps (2 tow straps were sadly …

Dissection- Marguerite Argyranthemum frutescens, L. Asteraceae

Last but not least, the annual Marguerite Daisy. I thought this would be the least interesting flower but I actually enjoyed it a lot! It was the most fun to gather the images and I really love the images I was able to capture.


I have really enjoyed learning with y’all. That learning is definitely still ongoing for me, but this class has given me some good tools to start. I’ve tried to work here some plants that I encounter out and about in my daily rounds. Johnson Grass – Sorghum halpense Red Clover …

Dissection – Samantha

Hello, Below are my dissections. I have enjoyed my class and am glad of the knowledge I have gained. Have a good rest of your summer 🙂 -Samantha Canadian Bunchberry- Cornus canadensis: Alpine Arnica-Arnica angustifolia ssp. tomentosa: Tufted Vetch- Vicia cracca: Common Yarrow- Achillea millefolium:


Asteraceae – Achillea millefolium var borealis – Yarrow Onagraceae – Chamaenerion angustifolium – Fireweed Ranunculaceae – Aquilegia formosa – Western Columbine Rosaceae – Aroncus diocius – Goatsbeard