Pressed Plants

I made the following pressed plants, but it seems that I had some problems keeping the plants dry, there was some slight mold, I cleared some of the surface molds, but it may still have had some effect, I’ll have to keep an eye on the drying next time I …

Dichotomous Key

This is my first attempt at categorizing dichotomies on my own, after referring to a lot of threads and thinking on my own I decided to use the structure and propagation of the plant to categorize them, but I think the results are a bit complicated, so I’m hoping I …


Ruellia nudiflora (Englem. & A. Gray) Lagerstroemia indica (L.) Campsis radicans (L.) Pinus palustris (Mill.)


Fritillaria camschatcensis Geranium erianthum Lupinus polyphyllus Linaria vulgaris