Plant Dissections!

Astrantia major L. “masterwort” Pilosella aurantiaca “Orange hawkweed” Malus fusca “Crabapple” Delphinium glaucum S. Watson “Sierra Larkspur” Thanks for a great class full of all new, useful information!! -KK

Plant Dissections

Here are the links to my account and individual dissections:

Plant Bingo

For my plant bingo I chose to visit the North Pole Flood Control area and see what I could find that would fill out my sheet! I was able to find almost everything except porate anther dehiscence but I found an example of longitudinal dehiscence to replace it with.


The four specimens I chose to dissect are: Hedysarum alpinum (Alpine Hedysarum), Arctostaphylos rubra ( Red Bearberry), Eurybia sibirica (Siberian Aster) and Polemonium acutiflorum (Tall Jacob’s Ladder). Hedysarum alpinum Arctostaphylos rubra Eurybia sibirica …