Plant Dissections

Chickweed (Stellaria media) Fireweed (Chamaenerion angustifolium) Field mustard (Brassica Rapa) Bluebells (Mertensia paniculata)

Plant Dissections

Chamerion angustifolium (Onagraceae) Fireweed Cornus canadensis (Cornaceae) Bunchberry Geranium erianthum (Geraniaceae) Woolly Geranium Polemonium acutiflorum (Polemoniaceae) Tall Jacob’s Ladder


I have been having trouble with the thinglink program and will be modifying this post by uploading pdf’s as I label the photos in Word. I have completed 3 families thus far; 1) Fireweed (Onagraceae), Yarrow (Asteraceae), Bird Vetch (Fabaceae). I need to go find and pull apart one more …

Dissections – SLC

Here are the ThingLinks to my dissections. Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing these. Globe Zucchini: Wild Rose: Arugula (Eruca): Alsike clover: Below is my dissection kit.

Ana’s Intro

Salutations, my name is Ana and I’m a freshman student at UAF/UAA. I’m part Alaska Native from the lower Kuskokwim and Bristol Bay areas and have been foraging/gathering wild plants and berries for sustenance as part of our subsistence way of life since I was a little girl. Living in …

Dichotomous Key – mod2

Dichotomous Key (A) Plant with needles (B)Pinecone present – plant #1 (A’). Plant without needles              (C). Plant with teeny tiny flowers, packed closely together                                 (D). Flower color: yellow – plant #4 (C’). Plant with flowers, not packed closely                 (E). Petal color purple – plant #3                  …

Plant Bingo

I have been working on Plant Bingo as we drove north from Alabama to nothern Minnesota over the last few days for some planned summer travels – which has meant a lot of poking around in the areas at the fringes of the mowed grass at rest stops in Tennessee, …