My name is Stefanie, I’m originally from Germany and moved to Alaska full-time in 2012. Before I moved here I spent 3 summers in Denali, working as a hiking guide and yoga instructor, and got to know the plants in the park very well. I now live in Anchorage and occasionally guide hikes into the Chugach State Park – an ecosystem very similar to that in Denali, so I think I have pretty good working knowledge of the plants here as well. I love to go hiking in the summer and am always excited to see flowers, lichen and berries in the tundra. My academic background is in Religious Studies and Philosophies. I’m currently enrolled in the Ethnobotany certificate through UAF and have just starting my more formal science education. I really look forward to this class – and to find out if my plant identifications over the last 10 years have been accurate! I also look forward to learning more about plants in other ecosystems, and to learn keys to identify plant families, even if I have not seen a particular species before.



As far as my microscope solution, I received the IPhone macro lens and have been playing with it a little. I find it a little hard to use, as it is a pretty large magnification. I also ordered a USB microscope and will take a picture of it as soon as I receive it (hopefully by Thursday this week).


  1. Hello Stefanie, happy to have you as a classmate again. How did the salve project go? I planted the tulsi seeds you sent to me by direct sowing into the garden two weeks ago and have little sprouts coming up. This was a year of planting gifted seeds. I also planted New England asters and anise hyssop (in preparation for 2019 Herb of the Year.) Both are new herbs to me and I’m looking forward to learning from them.

  2. Avatar photo Stefanie Burich

    So great to see you here again too. Happy to hear that Tulsi decided to grow on your farm. Let me know if you ever need more seeds. I tried growing Echinacea this spring, and the few seeds that actually sprouted decided quickly that Alaska wasn’t for them and disappeared. Ah well, back to green leafy veggies and marigolds. I’m looking forward to learning more about all your great work.

  3. Susanne Poppick-Schulze

    Hallo Steffi,
    Ist ja gar nicht so einfach Dich zu finden 😉 so am andern Ende der Welt 🙂

    Ich bin nicht ganz soweit gekommen, seit 2010 wohne ich in Berlin, arbeite hier und habe hier meine

    Für 2020 wird ein Abitreffen geplant und ich habe auf der Kontaktliste gesehen, dass Deine Daten noch fehlen
    Die Organisation hat Stefanie Gahno übernommen und fragt nach den Kontaktdaten (E-Mail, Wohnort, Telefon)
    Die E-Mail-Adresse dafür ist
    Vielleicht klappt es ja trotz Entfernung!?

    Liebe Grüße

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