Hello, my name is Ryan Ackles I am 28 years old and a medically retired military veteran. I currently live in Wasilla with my wife, 3 dogs, and 4 cats, so to say I have a busy house hold is an understatement. I am currently a senior at UAA working on a history degree. I am originally from Southern California where I lived for 19 years before I joined the military. I then lived in Washington for 4 years before I came to Alaska where I fell in love and I never want to leave here. I like to say I am a professional student, but I am also a tennis instructor and coach, it’s my joy to teach tennis to any age group because it is a fun sport especially when you can enjoy the sun. I am really looking forward to this lab class, because now I can say I have to go hiking for school to find plants for class. I look forward to class with everyone and learning about all the plant life around me.

This is my first born Leonidas


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