This flower is a night shade and if from the subfamily Solanoideae, it is a sister plant to Nicotianoideae. This was a plant that sprung up and grows wild on my property in California. As you can see the leaves are all very similar in shape and the flowers are unique in the fact that they sprout as one pedal in a solid umbrella fashion. There are 5 points on the septal


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This was actually a lot of fun, I was able to use my microscope and dissection kit. I trie to test myself and pull one plant and from that single plant cut and label as much as possible to fill the entire BINGO board, and because of that it actually …


Hello, my name is Ryan Ackles I am 28 years old and a medically retired military veteran. I currently live in Wasilla with my wife, 3 dogs, and 4 cats, so to say I have a busy house hold is an understatement. I am currently a senior at UAA working …