Pressed Plants

I forgot to add that I collected both of these on the 17th, I did have some collected earlier in the week but they were destroyed by my two bulldogs.


  1. Oh, the wild rose is so beautiful and would have made such a lovely pressing. I wanted to have that as my project plant in Hooper Bay, but there were none to be found. Too bad about the pups getting it. This class is a great inspiration for taking walks to look for plants and to look at plants more closely.

  2. Rodolfo Garcia

    Those leaves are interesting! They don’t look at all like the prickly rose leaves here in Fairbanks! There even seems to be a tendril coming off your rose’s left side. The colors of the roses here are also a light pink whereas those seem to be a lot more blue/violet. Very interesting! I will reply tomorrow with a picture of the rose here in Fairbanks.

  3. Ryan Ackles

    I used my iNaturalist application before I pulled them so I could make sure they were identified, but even this specific prickly rose was different from the others in my area. They happen to grow all over my yard.

  4. Thanks Ryan,
    I think you have created an interesting intergeneric hybrid with your second specimen: it has the flowers of a rose (Rosa acicularis) and the leaves and stems of Vicia cracca (Fabaceae) a legume.
    Always make sure that the parts of the flowers stay in the same newspapers and only put one plant per newspaper when you are pressing it. For the labels it is important to add the date, later on you might want to compare how the roses were differing in their flowering time from year to year, so if you have the date on the specimen you can easily do that 🙂

  5. Jayme

    I was confused by the dichotomous key assignment as well & hated being the first to post for fear I’d look silly but after reading Steffi’s email, I get what she means. I was just thinking too technical & thought I had to find the “correct” key for each plant & ID them, instead of taking it easy & just showing how a key can work between a collection of specimens. I’m considering doing it over but since we’re well into the 3 module, I might not have the time.

    now, for your second pressed plant…I think you might be playing a trick!?! I see Rosa acicularis flowers but what looks surprisingly like Vicia craca stems, leaves & tendrils for the rest. Am I right? I love your dogs, by the way!!! 🙂

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