My dorm garden! I’ll never be able to forgive spider mites as organisms…


Hello, my name is Rodolfo Garcia! I am a 3rd year student at UAF studying biochemistry. I am originally from Los Angeles, CA. I gained a love for gardening and plants in general last summer when perhaps for the first time in my life, I spontaneously succeeded at having seeds germinate. I was struck with a sense of magic and awe; the plants felt like my children. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to find my way into learning more about plants.

Pardon the mean-looking face, it was a hot day…

That is me with my sunflower from last summer!


I am excited to learn more about plants. Happy learning everyone!


  1. Welcome Rodolfo, I can relate to your fascination of growing plants. I actually have an undergraduate degree in horticulture, and even when I am out in the field collecting herbarium specimens now, I always have to dig a plant up to bring home to grow it. My latest success story was last year when I found a moonwort along the roadside (Botrichium lunaria). I dug it up, and it survived the winter, and is just sprouting again.

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