Plant Pressing Specimens


I went flower hunting last night and I must have found at least 20 different varieties of flower /at least/ on UAF’s campus! What   an enlightening and fun experience. One of my favorite flowers is pictured, pressed. Lonicera tatarica, an invasive honeysuckle originally native to Siberia. I think it is a shrub with amazingly beautiful flowers. Also pictured are Vaccinium vitis-idaea a.k.a the low-bush cranberry a.k.a lingonberry flowers. The last specimen in this post is Campinula rotundifolia, Bluebells of Scotland. (At least, I hope they are the correct species I have described them as, there seem to be many bluebell/harebell varieties, but the “Scotland” variety was the one that appeared most often in the searches for blue flowers of Interior Alaska.)

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  1. Thanks Rodolfo,
    mostly you are correct, though the bluebells we are commonly finding around Fairbanks is a member of the Boraginaceae, it is actually related to the Forget-me-not (which is also in the Boraginaceae, the Borage family). Campanula is a genus in a different family, the Campanulaceae, we do have Campanula in the state, but the common blue bell here in the Interior is Mertensia paniculata (Ait.) G. Don.

    Here is an image of Campanula lasiocarpa from Alaska…

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