Revised Dichotomous Key, L. Emerson

Revised Dichotomous Key

indentation was not retained when I pushed publish, for some reason.

A   Needles ,   Bin 1

A1 Leaves, go to B

B Leaves with visible flowers, go to C

B1 Leaves with catkins/aments, Bin 4

C Flowers with white petals, Bin 2

C1 Flowers with blue/purple petals, Bin 3


  1. Erica Valentine

    Hi Laura: I gave your dichotomous key a whirl and it worked! Well done! Happy Solstice! ~ Erica

    (As nice is it is to use WordPress vs Blackboard for online courseework, there is some functionality that I wish it’d include, like indentation and italics w/in photo captions and comments.).

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