I thought this assignment was a lot of fun. I have some holes on my card. I am specifically struggling with the connation/adnation option. I’m not sure what to look for as fused unlike parts.

I included a photo from my hike today of a chocolate lily with really cool stamens, but I’m not sure if it counts for any of the terms. Then, there’s another unique lily-type plant that I haven’t identified. I need to find something other than a pea plant that is diadelphous.

So here is what I have, and it’s to be continued! Thanks!


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  1. Thanks,
    yes, the connation/adnation part is a bit tricky, just look for a situation where you have stamens adnate to the corolla, bluebells should do the trick. I think there is no other group of plants that has diadelphous, lots of legumes around, the nasty vetch Vicia cracca, but now we have some Oxytropis flowering here, also Hedysarum both alpinum and mackenzii are out now… there is also a common weedy Astragalus along the roadsides.

    The chocolate flower is gorgeous. It has six stamens with longitudinal stamen dehiscence. The other two (3) curled parts are actually the stigma lobes of the pistil. Nice find.

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