Pressed plants

I had fun making a plant press from cardboard, newspaper, and a few heavy books. I used to do this a lot as a kid, but I’ve never written out the herbarium specimen cards. I am actually not positive on the ID’s of both of these. I have really been enjoying learning the names of all of these flowers that I’ve been seeing since I moved to Alaska a decade ago.


  1. Thanks Sundance,
    these are great specimens. The yarrow is in the sunflower family, Asteraceae :), otherwise these are good IDs. If you want to get a bit more into it, you can add more information about the habitat and what other plants are found associated with the ones you are pressing, it might help later if you want to find some of them, you will have the information on your label or in your field notebook for that matter.

    1. svisser

      Oh I looked at the website I used again, and saw where I made the mistake in finding the family name. I found both specimens along the coastal trail in Anchorage. I think as I take more time on this, I’ll add more detail in my notebook. Thanks!

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