Plant Bingo

Good challenge! I wasn’t able to find an example for each one of the listed terms so I substituted something similar for those squares. I used my USB microscope for some of the photos on this assignment. I am still working out some of the finer points of microscope photography.
Plant Bingo pdf

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  1. Thanks Lucia,
    yes, some of these terms are a bit harder to find examples for. Thanks for giving us some interesting pictures to look at. The syngenesious anthers in the Asteraceae are indeed a bit difficult to capture, but I think your picture showed it well. The stigma lobes had not spread, so that was really the only difference from the diagram. If you carefully dissect the petals away, you will find that the filaments are actually free and only the anthers are connate. See below for images from a dissection of coldsfoot (Petasites frigidus, Asteraceae) that I did last year.

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