Heracleum lanatum dissection 1/4

Not sure I formatted this correctly but the overview of cow parsnip in habitat is first with additional images and text embedded. Amazing smell! Forgot how fragrant these plants are!

So the embed is not working correctly, I will post the photos direct and add text.

Heracleum Lanatum in the APIACEAE family:
1. Habitat hillside forest with birch, cottonwood, fireweed, and raspberries.
2. Leaves ternate, petiolulate, palmately lobed, serrate/toothed margins and alternate/basal arrangement.
3. Inflorescence in umbels.
4. Flowers 5-merous.
5. Fruits, I couldn’t find any firmed yet.
6. 5 deeply lobed petals.
7. Sepals absent.
8. 5 stamens.
9. Dehiscent.
10. 2 carpel, ribbed inferior ovary.
11. Placentation axile.
12. 2 seeds, 1 each carpel.

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